Want to save yourself money on your wedding day and express your creativity? Do-it-yourself has taken the wedding world by storm, and when you consider the cost savings, it’s no wonder.

Just picture it, beautiful wedding reception tables adorned with rustic real wood table numbers. These rustic wood wedding table numbers may be inexpensive, but they look anything but cheap.

Add these rustic table numbers to your outdoor wedding centerpieces to be sure to impress without having to bust your budget in 7 simple and easy to follow steps.


You may already have most of the supplies on hand and only need to purchase the lumber 2 in x 6 in x 6ft, which will cost you a measly $7.07! So, for just over $7 in wood, you can make 18 wood wedding table numbers.


Lumber 2 in x 6 in x 6ft (for 18 wood signs)



-Paint Brush

-Stain Minwax Dark Walnut


-Printer & Paper


-White Chalk

-Blue Painters Tape


White Wood Painters Pen

wood wedding table numbers

Step 1: Purchase the Wood

You will first need to figure out how many table numbers and/or table reservations you will need. You will want to purchase a 2″ x 6″ piece of wood and then purchase the length of wood based on how many wedding table numbers you want to make.

The wood will be cut every 4″.

wood table numbers

For example, I wanted to make 14 table numbers and 2 reserved tables for a total of 16 wood blocks. I then took 16 and times it by 4″ to get a total of 64″. I then divided 64″ by 12″ to figure out how many feet I needed, which was 5′ 3″. That’s how I decided to purchase a 6′ long 2″ x 6″ board.

TIP: If you don’t have a saw try asking your local home depot or lumber store if they will cut your wood for you prior to purchasing it.

Fill in the boxes above to figure out how much wood you would need to purchase.

Step 2: Sand the Edges

To give the blocks clean edges sand all of the edges.

I like the look of having rounded edges so I tried to give them a more rounded effect. wood table numbers

Step 3: Stain the Wood

To stain the wood I used Minwax Dark Walnut. First, apply the stain using a paintbrush.

Allow the stain to apply for 15 minutes. If you want the color to be lighter than the pictures you could do less than 15 minutes or if you want yours to appear darker you could leave the stain on for longer than 15 minutes.

Then when the timer goes off use an old rag to wipe the remaining stain off. If you don’t wipe it off the stain will set darker and darker. Let the stain dry for 2 hours or more. I allowed mine to dry for 8 hours.

TIP: I did one side and all the edges at one time. Then I let everything dry and then I did the other side.

wedding table numbers

 Step 4: Print Table Numbers

To create the wedding table numbers I used picmonkey. The word “Table” is in the font La Belle Aurore in font size 400. The numbers “1-14” are in the font Ferrum and font size 900.

For the Table Reserved signs “Table” is in the font La Belle Aurore in font size 400, “Reserved” is in the font Ferrum in font size 325 and the “Bride’s Last Name” is in the font La Belle Aurore in font size 450.

Click here to download a FREE copy of the table numbers 1-20.

Now print and cut a square around each wedding table number to easily lay on the front of the woodcuts.

Step 5:  Chalk Over & Tape Down the Numbers

After you have cut a square around the number then turn the number over and color the back of the word and numbers with white chalk.

TIP: Blow off the excess chalk. This makes for a cleaner transfer of the chalk.

Tape the word “Table” and number to the wood as you want it to appear for your finished product. Be sure to secure all four sides.

TIP: Use blue painters tape to easily remove when finished.

wood table numbers

Step 6: Trace the Number

Using your pencil trace around the word “Table” and around the number.

TIP: Be sure to use a sharpened pencil and apply some pressure to make sure the chalk is transferred onto the wood.

Then remove the paper and tape to reveal the chalk transfer onto the wood.

wedding table numbers 

Step 7: Color the Letters & Number White

Color the word “Table” along with the table number using the White Wood Painters Pen.

When you’re done coloring in the numbers set them aside to dry for about 30 minutes.

TIP: After the numbers are done drying if there is remaining chalk residue simply wipe it off with a rag. If it doesn’t come off easily you can lightly dampen the rag and try wiping the remaining chalk residue again.



Show Off Your Wedding Table Numbers:

wood wedding table numbers

Saving money doesn’t have to look cheap.  Cutting costs is one of the best ways to do more with the money you have.

Making your own wedding table numbers is one easy way to cut back on expenses without sacrificing beauty or creativity.

Head out to your local lumber store and get started creating your rustic wood table numbers today.

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