You don’t have to spend a fortune on wedding invitations to make an impression.

Do you want to elegantly beautiful wedding invitations with a rustic charm for cheap? Learn how I made my wedding invitations for free and then had them printed at staples for less than a $1.00 per invitation.


wedding invitations

First things first get on your computer and head on over to picmonkey and register for their FREE 7 day trial to  try out their premium membership.

TIP: Don’t sign up until you have time set aside to work on your invitations. The 7 days go by quick!

I fell in love with picmonkey though and I ended up ordering their premium membership. 😉

TIP: If you end up purchasing and want it for a year you get a 50% discount by paying for the full year in advance.


wedding invitations

First, I will show you how I made my invitations. Once you start your free trial and are on the home page hover over the design button and click on the blank canvas icon.  

Then scroll down and select the 5x7in (1500x2100px) card. Or simply choose whatever size you want your invitations to be. 

wedding invitations

Add an Overlay:

After you select your card size it will bring you to the editing page. On your far left, there will be a column of symbols. Then click on the butterfly shape it is your overlays button.  

Next, select the wedding button. In this section, I chose one of the wreaths as my centerpieces. The one I chose is called “overlays_bridal_15”.

Next, I changed the color of the wreath from green to black. Then I resized and located the wreath at the top of my invitation.

wedding invitations

Add a Text:

Looking at the column on the far left again click on the Tt symbol to add text. Then select the font of your choice.

For our initials T & M I used the font Coffeebreak. Then click “Add Text” and a box will appear for you to type out your message.

I added a few spaces between our initials to add the line between them. The letters are size 113. I then moved the initials to the upper part of the wreath.

wedding invitations

TIP: Once you move things on top of each other they become layers. If you need to rearrange things after you place them on top of each other simply click the thing you want to move in the layers box and that item will become selected and you can then adjust it or move it. 

TIP: If you don’t see the Layers box click the Layers button on the bottom of the screen.
wedding invitations

Add a Shape:

To add the line in between our initials I selected the overlay button “butterfly” again and clicked on the “Geometric button”.

I then selected the rectangle and resized it and rotated it before placing it between the initials. 

wedding invitations

Add a Date:

Go back to the Tt symbol and select the Channel text and click “Add Text”. Then type out your date in the box provided.

I sized my font to 60 for the date. 

wedding invitations  Add a Text:

To add the following text go to the Tt symbol and select the following fonts. Then type the message in the boxes provided. 

1. “Please join the parents of the bride in celebrating.”

Font: Ferrum 

wedding invitations

Size: 50

2. “the         of”

Font: La Belle Aurora 

Size: 113

3. “Wedding”

Font: Amatic Small Caps

Size: 250

4. Bride & Groom Name’s

Font: Sacramento

Size: 98

To add the & symbol click on the overlays “butterfly” button on the far left. Then click on “Wedding” and select that symbol of the wedding choices.

To make the lines click on the overlays “butterfly” button on the far left and select the “Geometric” button. Then select the rectangle and adjust the size and location. I made two of these one for each side of the & symbol.

wedding invitations

1. Date & Time of Event

Font: Ferrum


2. Address of Venue

Font: Ferrum

Size 45

3. “Reception to Follow”

Font: Ferrum

Size: 45

wedding invitations

TIP: Make sure to save your masterpiece under the tab at the top called “Save” before saving it to your computer. If you only save it to your computer you will have to start all over again if you want to change anything! And I mean anything!

By adding it to your Hub you can work on it over time, make adjustments, or create multiple slightly different versions.

Now save the project the “Save” and to your computer.

TIP: To save it to your computer click “Export” up at the top then under the quality tab select Sean for high resolution, which you will want for your wedding invitations.  

wedding invitations

There you have it! Those are my wedding invitations! Did I mention I did that all for FREE?!

Music to the ears of a woman planning a wedding. Now simply print them at home or have them printed for you!

I had mine printed at staples, because I wanted them printed on cardstock and my printer isn’t cardstock capable. I went into the Staples store, because I didn’t want anything to go wrong and I wanted to tell the person exactly what I wanted. You could also order them online.

I ended up ordering 5″x7″ Flat Cardstock with the invitation on one side and the details page on the other side.

We are inviting around 150 people and I needed 75 invitations (1 per household) which came out to be $57.99. This price also includes all the envelopes! Yup, you heard that right, so far for 75 invitations (front side), 75 details page (back side), and 75 envelopes it cost me $57.99 and if I had printed them at home even less than that. What a steal!

RSVP and Details Cards

wedding invitations

RSVP Cards:

RSVP Cards

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations:



wedding invitations

Rehearsal Dinner Seating Name Cards:

wedding invitations

Ceremony Seat Reservation Tags:


Ceremony Programs:

wedding programs

Okay, so I got a little excited and made multiple things, but don’t they all look amazing!

 I can’t wait to see all of your fun and creative creations! Be sure to leave a comment about your project below!

Show Off your Wedding Invitations:

wedding invitations

Cheap wedding invitations don’t have to look cheap.

Personally customize your wedding invitations instantly online to match your rustic charm wedding decor.

Enjoy not having to spend a fortune while still making a great first impression with your rustic wedding invitations.

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