Are you on the hunt for that all in one 2018 planner? The best new planners for 2018? An appointment calendar, goal setting guide, journal, reminders, personal and work to-do lists, and gratitude log. Well, I think I have finally found it!


It’s hard to believe it but the new year is almost upon us and that means it’s almost time for the best new planners for 2018 planner purchase.

Finding the best new planners for 2018 can be overwhelming. There are so many options out there these days and many different price points as well.

The one big request I keep finding myself asking is that I want a planner that can do it all. From keeping track of my personal life to my work life, to my blog life, to my grocery lists, to exercise, etc. I no longer want a planner for this and a journal for that, and a list/sticky note for that.

However, with this huge wish list of the ultimate planner that can do it all I also didn’t want to feel overwhelmed with the planner, the colors, the stickers, the pens, and so on. Don’t get me wrong I love the beautiful planners that are all fancy and dolled up I just don’t have time to keep them up to that beautiful standard anymore.

the best planners for 2018

Below is a review of the best new planners for 2018 and each of their pros and cons. Some of the planners I’ve tried as well as the best new planners for 2018 that I’m going to try out this year.


1. Erin Condren: Life Planner

I have been using Erin Condren’s Life Planner for the previous 3 years and loved it. However, I realized I’m in need of more space for my daily to-do’s and wanted something that was simpler with less colored pens and stickers to keep track of. the best new planners for 2018


Multiple cover options and even personalized options. You won’t’ have any problems finding a cover design you will love and if you do you also have the option to create your own personalized cover with your personal pictures. Also, covers are exchangeable you can change them as you wish.

Three different weekly spread layouts to choose from. We all have different preferences when it comes to the layouts of our planners. Some people prefer vertical designs while others prefer horizontal designs. Some prefer lined spaces while other prefer blank open spaces. Well, Erin has created three different layouts for all different preferences.  

Monthly calendars with tabs included. There are monthly calendars along with a tab on the side to easily turn to each month.

Colorful covers and pages that you get to choose the colors for. There are all kinds of colorful covers to choose from. In addition, you get to choose the color of the pages for your calendar spreads. 

Stickers are included in the back. This planner comes with the most stickers I’ve ever seen before. I like the blank stickers that allow you to write whatever you want to on it. 

Blank pages for notes. This planner also comes with an amazing amount of blank pages to use however you wish. 



Expensive planner. The base price is $55.00 for most of the Life Planners. You can personalize even more for more money of course. 

No daily spreads. Even though the planner offers three different weekly spreads there are no daily spreads.

Small spaces to write on weekly spreads. I have a lot of tasks to do in one day and have a difficult time fitting them all in on the weekly spreads.

An overwhelming amount of accessories. The accessories are amazing don’t get me wrong, but there is almost too many for me. Plus most of them are all additional money which can quickly add up.


2. Emily Ley: Simplified Planner

Last year I used Emily Ley’s planner and loved using it. The daily spreads with a time slot column and a to-do list column are my favorite part. I also enjoy the simplified look with less visual stimuli.

the best new planners for 2018


Daily spreads or weekly spreads to choose from. This planner comes with the option of purchasing the daily spreads or the weekly spreads.

The daily spread is broken down into daily times and a to-do list. I like that the daily has times slots from 6 am to 9 pm to keep track of those daily appointments and a column for to do’s, along with a meal planner, and a notes section on each page. 

Monthly calendars with tabs included. The monthly calendars come with a tip to simplify your life and come with colorful tabs. 

A simplified layout with fewer boxes and colors. The layout is very simplified and comes with more white space and a less overwhelming design.



Expensive planner. The daily planner costs $58.00 while the weekly planner costs $48.00.

Four covers to choose from. The planner comes with only four different cover options.

Covers aren’t interchangeable. Covers aren’t interchangeable. You are stuck with the cover of your choice for the year.

Only one-page of stickers provided. The stickers are very limited to only one page and none of them are blank to write on. 

No blank pages for notes. There are no black note pages in the back of the planner.

3. Bullet Journal

Don’t let the name bullet “journal” throw you off. This is still a planner. Actually, it’s even better than a planner it is the ultimate life planner where you can have everything you need right in one place. It can be one of the best new planners for 2018 or your journal, or your habit tracker, or your grocery list, and so much more.

the best new planners for 2018


Cheap planner.  First of all, there are many to choose from. The one I purchased cost me $14.99 and came with a pen loop on the side to hold my pen.

Simplified covers. The covers are simplified and less overly girly designs.

Can make the layout exactly as you wish. Do you prefer daily or weekly spreads? Do you prefer lined or open spaces? Do you want both daily and weekly spreads? You get to design it exactly as you wish. No more wishing for something else. 

Can have everything all in one place. This is the reason I decided to make the plunge into yet another new planner. With the bullet journal, you can have everything all in one place. You can keep track of your to-do’s, grocery list, track your habits, note which books you want to read, etc. 



No built-in repeated daily or weekly or monthly calendars. You will have to create the monthly spreads, lists, etc. However, this is how you get to make it exactly as you wish.

Comes with no stickers or accessories. There are no beautiful stickers or accessories. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t purchase stickers from somewhere else or just choose to save the money like I did.

Have to hand draw everything. This can seem overwhelming. However, once you create a page you will refer to it many times and add more to it as you go. 

Can feel overwhelming to learn the method. When you google journal bullet you will see that there is a method and a system to note when something is done or rescheduled, etc. However, I am planning to create my symbols for myself and then use those to stay organized and simplified. 

Feeling like you have to be a good drawer. This part intimidated me at first, because when you google “bullet journal” you get all these artists journals who make their journals look amazing. I mean amazing. However, I talked myself off the ledge and told myself that it doesn’t have to be perfect and that no one else needs to see my journal anyways. 

The Best New Planners for 2018

Start the new year with your very own personalized Erin Condren 2018 planner, or pick from the simplified Emily Ley  2018 planner,  or take a leap of faith with me try out one of the bullet journals. Make this year, the best year of planning!

the best planners for 2018

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