Set the table for elegance. Nothing beats a monogrammed table runner in a soft of white cotton linen.

Decorate your dining room table with a custom monogrammed table runner to match your unique color scheme.


table runner


  1. Fabric Solid Linen Fabric
  2. Tape measure
  3. Sewing Machine
  4. Thread
  5. Scissors
  6. Marker Paint Painters Paint Marker Black

Free easy to use shopping list to take with you to the store along with printable step by step directions included at the end!

Step 1: Measure

Measure your table width and length and decide how big you want your table runner to be.

My table is 94.5″ in length by 39″ in width.

There are 36″ in a yard, so I needed 2.6 yards to cover the length of my table. However, I knew I wanted my table runner to drape over the edge of the table so I purchased 3 yards of fabric just to be safe.

Most fabrics are 45″ in width, so I knew I would be okay in the width department. table runner

Step 2: Cut the Fabric

Mark off the length and width you decided to make your table runner and cut out the fabric to those dimensions.

TIP: Be sure to add 1.5″-2″ on all 4 sides for sewing the edges.

I decided to make mine measure 105.5″ in length by 23.5″ in width. So I added 1.5″ to all 4 edges and cut mine out to be 108.5″ in length by 26.5″ in width.

Step 3: Draw

Draw a line 1″ all the way around the border of the fabric.

TIP: Make sure you draw on the backside NOT the front. Trust me it happens with this color of fabric!

table runner

 Step 4: Iron

Iron the fabric all the way around going in a clockwise direction up to the 1″ line you drew.

Repeat this step twice with the second time around folding directly on the line that you previously drew on the fabric.

table runner

Optional Step: Pin Fabric

You can pin the fabric in place after ironing it. I decided to do this step since it was my first time ever sewing and didn’t want to make a mistake.

However, I have done other sewing projects since this one and now simply ironing is enough to hold the line while I sew. This step is optional and you can do whatever you feel most comfortable with.

table runner

Step 5: Sew

Now sew around the whole thing with the backside facing up and moving in a clockwise direction.

TIP: (this one is for newbies like me) At the edges don’t sew all the way to the end leave about 1/4 of an inch and simply lift the lever and rotate the fabric and then lower the lever again to start sewing in your new direction.

At the end cut the thread and tie it off.

table runner

Step 6: Print

Print out and cut out your design pieces that you want to use to dress up your table runner. I chose the letter B, because that is our last initial and then I found a decorative piece to go around the letter B.

TIP: I wanted my decorative piece to be larger than a standard 8″ x 11″ piece of paper would allow so I simply dropped it into Word and cropped it into two pieces making the two pieces larger and then printed and taped them together to get the size I wanted. Also, this made the image blurry, but that doesn’t matter because no one will see the image itself.

table runner

Step 7: Tracing

Decide exactly where you want your decorative pieces to go. I did some measuring to make sure mine would be centered. Then trace your pieces with a pencil.

 table runner

Step 8: Color In

Next, trace your pencil outline with your paint marker and then color in what you have traced with your paint marker.

TIP: If you wish to wash your table runner the paint marker does fade. I keep a paint marker on hand so I can add more paint as needed/desired.

table runner

Show Off your New Table Runner:

table runner

Bring rustic charm to your dining room and set your table with a custom made monogrammed table runner to match your elegant dining room decor.

Want an easy to use shopping list to take with you to the store along with printable step by step directions to have with you as you create your table runner?

Download the free PDF instantly!


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