An accent wall is a perfect way to break up a large room and to transform an otherwise completely ordinary space into a masterpiece. Strengthen your master bedroom design with an accent wall stencil.


Paint is truly amazing. I love the way it can transform a room from dull to boring to a masterpiece. 

In our master bedroom, I wanted a that wow factor. I thought a stenciled wall along the largest wall in the room would do just that.



master bedroom accent wall stencil


Stencil Paint

Wall Paint


Foam Roller

Paint Trays (2)

Blue Painters Tape

Paper Towels


master bedroom accent wall stencil

master bedroom accent wall stencil

Step 1: Optional Paint Wall and Ceiling

If your ceiling and wall color is already the background color you want for your stencil then go ahead and skip this step.

If not, start by painting your wall the background color of your choice. I painted my wall, White Dove.

Let the paint dry completely before moving on to the next step.

master bedroom accent wall stencil

TIP: How to make perfectly straight lines between wall and ceiling.

Step 2: Optional Prep the Paint

I painted the other 3 non-stenciled walls, Stonington Gray. I wanted my stencil to be somewhat subtle in color so I mixed equal parts of Stonington Gray and Dove White to create my stencil color.

If you want your stencil to pop a little more just use Stonington Gray by itself.

 master bedroom accent wall stencil

Step 3: Place Stencil on Wall

Put 4 pieces of blue painters tape in the 4 corners of the stencil. Place the stencil in the dead center of the wall. To place the first stencil I used a level to make sure to was level on all four sides before beginning. 

master bedroom accent wall stencil

Step 4: Add Paint to Stencil

Roll your foam roller in the paint then push down to remove most of the paint back into the tray. Then lay paper towels in your second painter’s tray and lightly roll the foam roller over the paper towels removing excess paint. 

master bedroom accent wall stencil


TIP: You want to lightly apply the paint to the stencil. Do not apply extra pressure to add more paint to the wall. Instead, reapply foam brush with more paint and layer paint to get the full coverage instead of simply pushing harder. This will help to avoid leakage of paint behind the stencil. 

Step 5: Stencil the Wall

Slowly stencil the wall by moving left and right from the center of the room and then up or down.

master bedroom accent wall stencil

To align the stencil on the wall align the overlap shapes along the outer edges of the stencil. (See stencil directions for more details). master bedroom accent wall stencil

Step 6: Edges

To get the edges of the wall I simply pushed the foam roller up to the edge of the wall and left a small border of wall color to create a border effect. 

master bedroom accent wall stencil

Master Bedroom Accent Wall Stencil

master bedroom accent wall stencil

Turn your ordinary space into a breathtaking masterpiece with an accent wall stencil.


Items in the Room:

White and Gray Duvet Cover Set

White Pillow (similar to the pictured pillow)

Night Stand

White Flower Vase

Throw Blanket (similar to the pictured blanket)

Wood Tray (similar to the pictured tray)


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