No more clothes trailing behind you on the floor as carrying the load of clean clothes from the dryer to the bedroom.

Save yourself a step and fold the clothes straight from the dryer.

A laundry folding table is a great use of the area over your washer and dryer. Not only does it turn your laundry room into a sanctuary of rustic eye catching beauty, but it adds function as well.


Materials: folding table

5 Wood 2in x 6in x 8ft

Drop cloth


Table Saw



Screws & Ziplock bag (Optional)

20 Dark Colored Screws  2.5in

16 Dark Colored Screws 1.5in

Paint Brush

Dark Walnut Wood Stain

Old Cloth or Rag

Eight 1/2in Floor Flanges

Eight 1/2in Opening 1.8in Length Couplings 

Twelve 1/2in Opening 12in Length Nipples

folding table

Step 1: Cut Wood

First, measure your washer and dryer when they are side by side. Mine measured at 54.5in in length, 27in in width, and 39in in height.

Therefore, I purchased five 2in x 6in x 8ft boards and cut them to 62in in length to account for the 54.5in in length plus the two 3in boards on either side plus a little wiggly room for insurance to accommodate the legs.

When the 5 boards are together they measure for a total width of 28in, which would cover my 27in width washer and dryer.

laundry folding table

To make the 2 boards on the sides you will need to connect all 5 boards and for the legs to screw into you can use one of the leftover boards. Cut the board down the middle for 2 just under 3in boards and cut them to 28in in length.

laundry folding table

Step 2: Distress the Wood

When you purchase new wood the edges are often crisp with sharp corners, however I wanted my wood to look distressed and old.

Old wood doesn’t have crisp edges anymore so I sanded all the edges of my wood. On some parts around the edges I sanded extra to make groves on some parts of the edges. It made for a cool looking affect.laundry folding table

Optional Step:

Next I put a box of screws into a gallon ziplock bag and repeatedly dropped the bag onto the wood to make little fine marks in the wood. Keep in mind that the marks are very very tiny, however the stain will help emphasize the marks.

I made this step optional because of how small the marks came out. laundry folding table

Then take your hammer and nail and tap the nail into the wood just barely to make a faux nail hole.

Next take your hammer and make hammer marks. Make sure to do some along the edges as well.

Then I found something with a straight edge to make a long line in the wood as if something had been laying on the wood to make a dent in it over time.

folding table

Step 3: Stain the Wood

Now comes the fun part staining! Grab your paint brush and brush the stain along one side of the wood.

Set your timer for 15 minutes and then using your cloth wipe off the remaining stain.

Flip the wood over and stain the other side as well as the sides. Wait 15 minutes and then wipe off the remaining wood.

Also, make sure to stain the 2 boards that will go alongside of the washer and dryer as well.

Let the wood dry completely before moving on to the next step.

laundry folding table

Step 4: Screw the Wood

Once the wood is dry turn the distressed side of the wood facing down. Place the 5 boards in a row all with the distressed side facing down.

Then place the two 3in x 28in wood on either side of the 5 boards. Screw in the 2.5in screws two per board for a total of 10 screws per side.

laundry folding table

Step 5: Put Legs Together

First screw the 1.5in screws into the 4 floor flanges into the four corners. Then screw 1 nipple into the floor flanges, then 1 coupling, then another nipple, then another coupling, then another nipple, and finally a floor flange.

Repeat this for all four corners.

laundry folding table

TIP: The price stickers that are on the nipples were difficult to get off so I used a paint can opener to scrap it off. This was the easiest thing that I got to work.

folding table

TIP: I put it all together in the garage and then couldn’t fit it through the door with the legs on so I had to unscrew them so you might want to wait to screw the legs in until you get it into the laundry room.

Show Off your New Laundry Folding Table:

Add organization to the chaos of laundry day by providing a convenient working station to fold all your laundry.

Start building today to turn your laundry room into a thing of beauty and functionality.

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