Painting doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Professional painters have mastered techniques that produce top-notch results while making painting fast and efficient.

Put down the paint brush and learn how to paint beautifully straight lines the first time around.



Paint (main wall color)

Paint (ceiling or accent wall)

Blue Painters Tape

2″ Paint Brush


For this tip to work you will need BOTH paint colors of the two walls where your paint will be touching. If you are only using one paint color and the ceiling is already the color you want it to be that’s great, but you will still need that paint color.

painting tips

Step 1: Paint Lightest Color

Paint the lightest colored wall first. In my case I’m painting our master bathroom walls Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams which is a light green/gray/blue color and also I’m painting the ceiling white.

Since the ceiling color is the lightest color of the two I painted that first. I painted two coats and then let it dry completely overnight.

TIP: You really want your walls to be dry because you are about to put tape on that wall.

painting tips

Step 2: Tape

Put tape around the edge of the wall (or ceiling) that you just painted and let dry. So in my case I put the tape all around the edge of the ceiling where the ceiling and wall meet.

TIP: Use 2” tape that way if you use a roller to paint the walls and accidentally touch the tape it won’t get onto the other wall or ceiling.

painting tip

Step 3: Paint Tape Crease

Using your lightest color again paint around the crease of where the two walls you are painting meet on top of the tape. This allows the paint to sneak into the holes on the wall you already painted in the color that the wall is already painted. In my case I painted over the tape with the ceiling white paint. Then let it dry completely.

TIP: This creates almost a plug like effect to not allow the other color to sneak through the tape.

painting tips

Step 4: Paint the Darker Color

Paint your other color (the darker color) just like you typically would by painting all the way up onto the
tape leaving no space. Let the paint dry completely. In my case I painted the walls in Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. painting tips


Step 5: Remove Tape

Now pull off the tape and watch the magic unfold right before your eyes!

painting tips

Show it off:

painting tips

You too can have the professional painters look in any of your rooms using this technique to produce top-notch results.

Grab your paint brush and get a completely new look that is fast, efficient, and looks great.

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