Sprucing up your home is as simple as changing out the table decorations season to season. Whether you’re looking to create a holiday display to grace your dining room table or just want to create an extra focal point in your entryway, a holiday table runner is a perfect solution.


Baby, It’s Cold Outside is one of my all-time favorite Christmas songs. It’s one of those Christmas songs that I could listen to on repeat over and over again. I wanted to create a beautiful holiday focal point for our entryway table. I decided to create a holiday table runner and add my favorite Christmas song, Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

Have you seen the movie Elf? When the girl (Zooey Deschanel) is singing in the shower and Will Ferrell goes in the women’s locker room to sing with her!

I have shared the video for your viewing pleasure.

Add a festive holiday touch to your entryway table with a simple yet elegant table runner. holiday table runner


  1. Fabric Solid Linen Fabric
  2. Tape measure
  3. Sewing Machine
  4. Thread
  5. Pencil
  6. Scissors
  7. Marker Paint Painters Paint Marker Black (not pictured)

christmas table runner

Step 1: Choose your Fabric

Pick a thick, light, solid colored fabric great for writing a holiday saying on. I went with an off-white, cream, solid, linen fabric

holiday table runner

Step 2: Measure

First measure the area you want to cover and decide if you want it to hang over the edge of your table. I wanted mine to show some of the table along the longest edge and to hang over the edge on the shorter ends of the table.

holiday table runner

Step 3: Cut the Fabric

Turn the fabric over to the back side facing up and mark out the measurements be sure to add 1.5″ to all four sides to allow for sewing the edges of the fabric. Then cut out the fabric. 

holiday table runner

Step 4: Iron the Fabric

Place the fabric with the back side facing up. Fold the fabric edge in about 3/4″ and iron it down. Iron all the way around the fabric.

Then repeat this step again going around the fabric folding the fabric inward 3/4″ and iron it down.

holiday table runner

Step 5: Sew the Edges

Now sew around the four edges of the fabric.

holiday table runner

Step 6: Iron the Fabric

Iron the fabric to get out all of the wrinkles. 

holiday table runner

Must Read

So I have some REALLY, REALLY, REALLY sad news! My old computer decided to crash after about 7 years. ALL of my photos are on my old computer are lost! The above photos are the only ones that happened to uploaded to my icloud.

So I have to apologize that for the last 3 steps (6-8) I don’t have pictures of those steps. However, I used the same method below as I did when creating my Make your Own Monogram Table Runner click the link and review steps 7 through 9 to get an idea.

 christmas table runner

Step 7: Print out Saying

Decide what you want to write on your fabric. Then type up your saying and print out the letters. 

christmas table runner

Step 8: Cut out & Trace Letters

Cut out the letters and lightly trace the letters onto the fabric.

 christmas table runner

Step 9: Color in Letters

Using your fabric marker color in and trace the letters. 

Complete your entryway table with a truly unique handmade holiday table runner.

christmas table runner

Make Your Holiday Table Runner with a Free Printable

Decorate your entryway table this Christmas season with a beautiful holiday table runner.

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