Welcome your holiday guests with eye-catching place settings fit with custom holiday menu cards. 

Design your very own custom elegantly rustic holiday menu cards. 


Hosting and entertaining are what I live for and are my happy place! I love getting the question, “How did you do that?” or “You did what?!”

Attention to details is what can set you apart from everyone else. Impressing your guests is in the little things, not the big things.

Here is how I set the scene for my holiday table below.

Thanksgiving menu


thanksgiving menu

How to Make a Holiday Menu:

Start by going to picmonkey to design your holiday menu. Go to Design and select the blank canvas and select the 4 x 8in (1200 x 2400 px) to begin creating your menu.

holiday menu

Add an Object:

Go to the butterfly overlay on the left-hand column and select doodly accents

holiday menu


Then look under details it’s called leaf_curved_3.

holiday menu

Add Text:

Thanksgiving Menu = Size 100; Font Homemade Apple

holiday menu


Dinner = Size 150; Font Ferrum

holiday menu


Menu Item = Size 76; Font Amatic Small Caps

holiday menu


Add an Object:

Go to the butterfly overlay on the left-hand column and select doodly accents.  Then look under details it’s called leaf_line_3.

holiday menu


Our holiday Thanksgiving party is coming up and I made 4 different menus to accommodate all the dietary needs of our guests.

What all the recipes for my Thanksgiving dinner?

Set your table for elegance with these holiday menus.

Don’t be afraid to personalize your menus. The personal touch will be sure to impress your guests.

thanksgiving menu

Download Free Thanksgiving Holiday Menu

Now it’s your turn to wow your Thanksgiving party guests with beautifully handcrafted menus. Turn your printer on now and get started printing!

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