When it comes to lunchtime, nothing sounds more satisfying than a mouth watering sandwich.

Can you taste it? The one with warm buttery toasted bread, filled with a runny over medium egg, piled high with spinach, topped with thin slices of avocado, and paired with a side of fresh raspberries.

Just the thought can leave your mouth watering.

Egg Sandwich











1st: Butter the Bread

Butter 2 slices of bread. I used 2 large slices of sourdough bread. Then set them aside.

TIP: Want to make your own sourdough bread? Click here for an amazing tutorial on how to make your own sourdough bread.

TIP: Don’t use the toaster to toast your bread (see step 5).

2nd: Wash the Spinach

Prewash the spinach and set aside.

TIP: Towel off the spinach if it remains too wet.

3rd: Slice the Avocado

Cut thin slices of the avocado about ¼ cup and set aside.

4th: Oil the Pan

Warm pan on medium and drizzle oil about 1-2 tsp so the eggs don’t stick to the pan.

5th: Cook Eggs & Toast Bread

Cook your eggs over medium. This will make the eggs a little runny, but not too much.

While your eggs are cooking put the bread butter side down on the pan and cook until they are golden brown to get them nice and crispy.

Add a little salt and pepper on the eggs for seasoning.

6th: Build Your Sandwich

Once the bread is lightly brown and the eggs are cooked remove them from the pan and assemble your sandwich. Place one slice of bread butter side down.

Then add the 2 cooked eggs, next place your washed spinach down, then put your slices of avocado on, and finally put the other slice of bread butter side up.

Add your favorite fruit as a healthy side to add to this great tasting dish.

Egg Sandwich


Slightly buttery and perfectly crunchy, this mouth watering sandwich deserves your attention.

Your first of many egg sandwiches starts with this recipe.




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