Add the finishing touches to any room with this DIY wood sign decor that is sure to make a statement.

Dress up your living room walls with a rustic DIY wood sign.


DIY wood sign

Gather; meaning to come together; assemble or accumulate. This is the message I want our living room to radiate. I wanted our living room to be more than just a place of comfort or a place to watch tv but instead, a place that brings people together to create memories filled with joy and laughter.

The place where the red wine stain still shows on your favorite rug from a great night with friends laughing and sharing lies, the place where you enjoy a warm fire on a cold Sunday morning, the place where friends yell at the tv while watching a football game, the place your cousins little girl tells you she loves you, the place your dad takes a nap when he comes over to visit, the place where family congregates after Christmas dinner to sip coffee and hot chocolate, it’s the place to gather; for together is better. 


1in x 12in x 8ft board

2 boards 1in x 2in x 8ft


Gorilla Wood Glue

Two 36in Clamps

Stonington Gray Paint

White Paint


Blue Painters Tape

Dark Wood Stain

Small painting brushes

2″ paint brush

2 No Nail Sawtooth Hooks

 DIY wood sign

Step 1: Cut the Wood

Take your 1in x 12in x 8ft board and start by cutting the wood in half to then have two pieces of wood that measure 1in x 12in x 4ft to start creating your DIY wood sign.

DIY wood sign

Step 2: Glue Wood Together

Grab the Gorilla wood glue and glue the two long edges together. You will need two 36in clamps to hold the wood together until the glue has dried. I left the clamps on for 24 hours just to be sure the wood would stay together.

DIY wood sign

Step 3: Paint the Wood

Paint the background any color you want. I painted my wood white. Then let the paint dry completely.

DIY wood sign

Step 4: Print out Letters

Print out what you want your sign to say. I chose to write, “Gather, For Together is Better.” Want to use this saying? Get the free PDF below.

DIY wood sign

Step 5: Cut out and Trace

Cut out all the letters and space them out on your piece of wood how you want them to appear.

TIP: I used blue painters tape on the back of the letters to keep them in place as I traced the letters.

Then trace the letters lightly with a pencil. Once you’re done tracing the letters remove the letters and tape.

TIP: I went along with my eraser and erased slightly the pencil marks that were pretty dark to have them fade a little more prior to painting.

DIY wood sign

Step 6: Paint Letters

Using your small paint brushes paint in the letters. You may want to let it dry completely and then do another coat. I ended up doing two coats of Stonington Gray.

DIY wood sign

Step 7: Cut Border

Cut the 2″ boards into two pieces at 49.5″ and another two pieces at 24″. For a total of four pieces. Then cut the ends at 90-degree angles to make a perfect rectangle around the edge of your wood sign.

DIY wood sign

Step 8: Stain the Wood

Stain all sides of the wood for 15 min and then remove the stain after 15 minutes.

TIP: I stained one side at a time to avoid a big mess!

Then let the stain dry completely.

DIY wood sign

Step 9: Glue the Border

Using the Gorilla wood glue again glue the border around your sign. Hold the wood in place using your two 36 inch clamps.

TIP: My clamps were obviously not long enough for the two short ends so I glued it and then stood the wood up sitting on that side and trapped it between two objects that wouldn’t move so I wouldn’t have to stand there while it dried and hold it. After it dried then flip it over and do the same thing on the other side.

DIY wood sign

DIY Wood Sign

Hang your masterpiece! I used two no nail sawtooth push in hooks on the backside to hang the sign on the wall.

DIY wood sign

Add a piece of rustic charm to any room in your home with this large DIY wood sign.

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