When it comes to getting your partner the perfect DIY Valentines Day gift, it can be hard to find the right one. Let’s face it, ladies. Guys are hard to shop for sometimes especially on Valentine’s Day. That’s where our creativity comes in.

Many guys don’t want extravagant, expensive gifts. They often just want to be appreciated and know that we care. That’s why this DIY Valentines Day gift is perfect for the man in your life. 


diy valentines day gift

What advice would St. Valentine give us lovebirds? According to one popular legend, St. Valentine wrote love letters and signed them “From your Valentine.” This began the beautiful tradition that so many of us carry on today.

I love spoiling my husband with one of a kind and thoughtful gifts. I think if he could have it his way he would choose to have a massage every day not just once a year on Valentines Day. Sadly for him, I hate giving massages. I know I don’t know what it is but I find it to be so boring. So I’m hoping he will love this Valentines Day gift including a massage and foot rub.

Here is a quick and easy coupon book to give to the man in your life for Valentines Day. If coupon books aren’t your thing you’ll love 29 gifts for men.

diy valentines day gift





Valentine’s Day Coupons

The DIY Valentines Day gift of coupons are fun, easy printouts that you can print in color or on colored paper to give as a gift to the love of your life. Spoil the man of your dreams on the day of love.

diy valentines day gift

Simply print out the Valentines Day coupons and cut out all the coupons. Then stack the coupons into a book. Be sure to place the cover rectangle on top of the stack. Next, fill in the to and from lines and then staple the whole stack together.

DIY Valentines Day Gift

diy valentines day gift

Turn on your printer and simply print out this DIY Valentines Day gift for the man in your life.


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