Add a personal touch to your wedding day, bridal shower, or any party decor with these easy to make DIY monogram napkins. Personalized monogram napkins are a fun elegant touch to add to any party decor.


Initially, I made these napkins to add an elegant touch to our wedding day centerpieces. Then I used them for my bridal shower and then again this fall we used them as part of our Thanksgiving table decor.

diy monogram napkins

diy monogram napkins


Fabric or Napkins

Sewing Machine (optional)

Iron & Ironing Board



Printer Paper

Parchment Paper



Fabric Tape Measure

Stick Glue

Hard Plastic (driver’s license)


DIY Monogram Napkins

DIY monogram napkins

Step 1: Pick Fabric or Napkins

Sew or select plain napkins that you can add your monogram too. I chose to sew my napkins using thick linen fabric that you would see at a nice restaurant. Or if you don’t want to sew napkins simply find a nice linen napkin to add your monogram too.

DIY monogram napkins

Measure and mark your fabric to the size of napkins you want. Be sure to add an extra 1″ to all four sides. For example, I wanted my napkins to measure 20 inches so I marked and cut my fabric at 22 inches.

Then mark your fabric 1 inch from the edge on all four sides on the backside of the fabric.

DIY monogram napkins

First iron fabric to the line all the way around all 4 sides. Then repeat this step folding in once more at the line.

Next sew around all four sides of the napkin.

Then iron your napkins if necessary.

DIY monogram napkins


Step 2: Create your Monogram

Create your monogram image on your computer or simply download mine and add your own initials.

DIY monogram napkins

Open image in adobe reader which is free in order to edit the image. The font is slightly different than in the picture. I no longer had access to that font anymore 🙁


Step 3: Cut Parchment Paper

Cut a piece of parchment paper the exact size of standard computer paper 8 1/2″ x 11″. You will want to cut one for each napkin so if you are making 10 napkins, for example, you will cut out 10 pieces of parchment paper in the 8 1/2″ x 11″ size.

DIY monogram napkins

Step 4: Prep Paper for Printer

Using stick glue, glue the parchment paper onto a standard piece of computer paper with the glossy side face up. You should do this for each piece of parchment paper.

DIY monogram napkins

Step 5: Mirror Image

Next, create a mirror image of your monogram on your computer and determine the print size you want your image to be.

DIY monogram napkins

Step 6: Print your Image

Before you print on your parchment paper test which side to put the paper into your printer so it prints on the parchment side. Also, decide what size you want the image to appear. You can change the size by scaling the image in the printer preview. Then print your image onto the parchment side of your paper.

DIY monogram napkins

Step 7: Rub Image onto Fabric

Once the image comes out of the printer place the wet image onto your fabric where you want the image placed. Then take a hard piece of plastic such as a drivers license and scrap the backside of the image onto the fabric transferring the image to the fabric. Let the image dry before touching.

Repeat steps 6-7 until you’ve completed all of your monogram napkins.

DIY monogram napkins

DIY Monogram Napkins

DIY monogram napkins

Go pick out your fabric or purchase your napkins today to start crafting your classy DIY monogram napkins. Transform your party decor with your personalized monogram napkins.

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