Inspiring DIY mini Christmas trees will surely get you in the holiday spirit. Give the holidays a personal touch with an easy mini Christmas tree craft.


Not too long ago I was flipping through an old photo Christmas album and came across a photo with a mini moss tree similar to this one. I thought, “How cute is that?” I started thinking and figured it wouldn’t be too difficult to recreate something like that, so I called my good friend Chandra who is always up for a good crafting session and we both made 2 super cute DIY mini Christmas trees to add to our holiday decor. 

DIY mini christmas trees



White paint


Florist Foam

Natural Stick (from your yard)

Styrofoam Cone


Sheet moss


Hot glue gun & glue sticks


Note: I used varying sizes of the flowerpots, sticks, and styrofoam cones to create different size moss trees.


Step 1: Add the Moss

Unwrap the styrofoam cone and then wrap it in the sheet moss. Cut out the sheet moss so it will slightly overlap. Then hot glue the sheet moss to the cone. I also added sheet moss to the bottom of the cone.

diy mini Christmas trees

Step 2: Add the Stick

First, find a stick in your yard. Then take your stick and make it the length you desire. My stick was about 9 inches total, with about 4 inches exposed. Then poke your stick into the bottom flat part of the cone. 

diy mini Christmas trees

Step 3: Add the Moss to the Pot

Grab your flowerpot and place florist foam in the bottom of the pot. I filled mine about 3/4 full. Then add the moss to cover up the florist foam using your hot glue gun to keep the moss in place.

diy mini Christmas trees

Step 4: Put it All Together

Grab the stick with the plastic-foam cone and poke the other end of the stick into the florist foam. I pushed my stick all the way to the bottom of the pot for better support. Feel free to add more moss around the stick if desired.

diy mini Christmas trees

Step 5: Paint your Pot

Begin by painting your flowerpot white lightly and lifting your paintbrush to give it a white wash effect. Set the flowerpot aside and let the paint dry completely.

diy mini Christmas trees

DIY Mini Christmas Trees

diy mini christmas trees

‘Tis the season for an easy Christmas craft. Get into the holiday spirit with these easy to make DIY mini Christmas trees to add to any holiday decor

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