Looking to inject some life and color into your high school classroom?

Here are some ideas that are quick and easy ways to transform your classroom. Brighten up your classroom with color and fun patterns.


A new year and a fresh start. Gather inspiration below to decorate and organize your classroom.

Classroom Decor


1. Decorating Your Bulletin Board

Add color and beauty into the classroom through decorating your bulletin boards which take up so much of the classroom.


On my hunt for ideas on how to decorate my classroom at the high school level, I came across this amazing post by Teaching Sam & Scout. I love how bright and inviting her classroom looks. Check out her posts to see even more pictures of her classroom.

classroom makeover

Teaching Sam & Scout


I am so impressed with how beautiful and vibrant this wall looks. I love her idea to use clipboards to not only add color but to also easily change out what is on your bulletin board.

No longer searching for the tape or pushpins to add items to your bulletin board.

bulletin board

Lia Griffith


Love this look? It’s not even real wood. Check out Smitten with First to see where she found this awesome paper. Great addition to any classroom decor.

bulletin board

Smitten with First


Here is another creative and colorful bulletin board. The multicolored paper makes the room very bright and inviting. This idea is also cheaper than the clipboard idea.

classroom makeover

Live Laugh Learn in Second Grade


Here is another high school classroom. This math teacher has 3 schedules for her 3 different math classes that she teaches.

classroom makeover

Tales of a High School Math Teacher


2. Decorating Your Desk

Think about the amount of time you will spend at your desk. You want your desk to be inviting and enjoyable place to be. Not a place of added stress or ugly sadness. See the ideas below to make your desk fun and inviting.


Do you have any ugly boxes or cords under your desk? Love Your Room shows you how to add a fabric shirt to hide the trash can and cords under her desk.

teacher desk

Love Your Room


Not allowed to paint your work desk? Add fabric, contact paper, or wrapping paper to your desk to make over the old outdated desk.

teacher desk makeover

Author Unknown


I’m completely obsessed with School Girl Style color scheme and style. Yes, she is an elementary school teacher, but I think you can get a lot of great inspiration with the colors she uses and the simple cleanliness she has to her style.

desk makeover

School Girl Style


Add a super cute wood name tag to your desk decor. You can find this wood name tag at LillouHandmade Etsy Shop.

desk name

LillouHandmade Etsy Shop


3. Updating Your Filing Cabinets

Are your old inherited filing cabinets an ugly eyesore in the corner of your classroom or office? Here are a few ideas to make them pop and become a fun decorative piece.


Add contact paper to the top of the filing cabinet. Tape the paper down using super cute Washi tape. If you haven’t heard of Washi tape before be prepared to be amazed. I love using it in my planners!

filing cabinets makeover

My Own Twist on Things


If your school district will let you spray paint your old filing cabinets be sure to check out how Sew Much Music made her pink and yellow filing cabinets with chevron contact paper on the front.

filing cabinet decor

Sew Much Music


This simple gray filing cabinet with light gray contact paper is elegantly beautiful. I love how simple it is yet still very beautiful.

filing cabinet makeover

Author Unknown


Want a filing cabinet that is multi-purpose with chalkboard paintDesign Improvised used chalkboard paint and used the sides to keep track of her weekly to-do list. What a great idea!

filing cabinet makeover

Design Improvised


4. Makeover Your Desk Chair

Tired of your ugly and most likely dirty desk chair that you inherited from the last classroom teacher or that you found at your local goodwill? See how the following teachers reupholstered their chairs for a beautiful makeover.


Love bright colors and polka-dots? Check out how Differentiated Kindergarten reupholstered her old desk chair.

teacher chair makeover

Differentiated Kindergarten


Here is a simple light gray and white chevron desk chair makeover. See Everybody is a Genius for detailed directions.

desk chair makeover

Everybody is a Genius


Here is another polka-dot with a simple black and white design.

desk chair

First Grade Fever


Enjoy your new and improved classroom!

classroom decor

As you prepare your classroom for the new year ahead, try out some of these ideas to bring life and color into your classroom.

Make your classroom a fun and inviting environment that you actually want to spend your time in this school year.


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