Get your Christmas planner chalked full of 25 pages to keep you organized, from calendars to menu planner to financial records and gift giving.

Use this free printable Christmas planner to plan out your holiday activities this year.

The holidays are upon us. I love the Christmas season! However, there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to the holiday season and can be overwhelming if you’re not planning things out in advance.

I’m excited to say that I’ve created a fabulously cute and well organized Christmas planner to help keep you on track and to make a smoother holiday season this year.

25 Page Free Printable Christmas Planner

christmas planner

This Freebie Includes

christmas planner

-Holiday Budget    -Holiday Gifts     -Stocking Stuffers    -Black Friday Planner    -November Calendar   -December Calendar

-Holiday Events    -Weekly Planner   -Daily Planner    -Christmas Card Tracker   -Thank You Cards    -Party Guest List

-Decoration Checklist    -Meal Planner    -Shopping List    -Baking Menu    -Holiday Bucket List    -Craft Ideas    -Santa Letter

-Christmas Tags


Planning your Budget, Gifts, & Black Friday

Create a Holiday Budget to keep you on track financially and have a good idea of what to expect you are going to spend.

Once you have your budget and budget for gifts then create your Holiday Gifts plan. Identify who you are shopping for, create gifts ideas, identify the price, then check them off as you go.

Create Stocking Stuffers by identifying who you need to shop for and create ideas for stocking stuffers for that person.

Lastly, now that you have your budget, gifts, and stocking stuffer ideas, it’s time to create your Black Friday Planner. First, identify the items, price, if you have a coupon or not, and check it off as you purchase items on your list.

christmas planner


Monthly Plan & Events Plan

Plan out your holiday schedules using the November and December monthly calendars.

In addition, plan out your Holiday Events by noting the event, location, time, what you should bring, and if you already RSVP’d to the event.

christmas planner


Weekly & Daily Planners

Now that you’ve planned out your monthly schedule you can break down those schedules even farther with a weekly planner and a daily planner.

There are two different options for a weekly planner and daily planner depending on your personal preferences.

christmas planner


Keep Track of your Christmas Cards & Thank You Cards

Keep track as you send out your Christmas cards to family and friends. The Christmas Card Tracker includes the person name, address, the year, if you sent them a card and if you received a card from them.

In addition, there are Thank You Cards to keep track of the people you need to thank throughout the holiday season. It includes the person in your family who needs to thank someone, what gift did they give that family member, and who gave them the gift, and if you sent the card.

christmas planner


Party Planning with a Guest List & Decorations Checklist

Now it’s time to plan your party! Create a Party Guest List by identifying the number of invites to be sent out, the location, the date and time, the theme of the party, the people you are inviting, their addresses, if you sent the card, and how they RSVP’d. If they say, “Yes, Maybe, or No” and mark the box appropriately.

Then create a Decorations Checklist. Identify what things you want to have for the Christmas Tree, Exterior of the home, and the Interior of the home. For each item note if it’s broken and you need it fixed or if you don’t have that item and you need to buy one.

christmas planner


Meal Planning, Shopping List, & Baking Menu

Your guests are about to arrive and now you need to build your Meal Planner. Include appetizers, beverages, side dishes, main dishes, salad, bread, desserts, decorations, and place settings.

Once you have your meal planned you will need to plan out your Shopping List. Include produce, meat, dairy, baking, frozen, canned, spices, and other.

No meal is complete without a baking menu. Create a Baking Menu for the holiday season. Identify the recipe name, recipe source, quantity needed, needed by date, and for what event or location.

christmas planner


Craft Ideas & Holiday Bucket List Builder

Get creative this holiday season. Come up with Craft Ideas by creating the craft idea, materials, identify for who you are making the craft, and when it is needed by.

Then create a Holiday Bucket List. Identify ideas for things to make, things to do at home, and things to do around town.

christmas planner


Dear Santa Letter & Holiday Tags

Have your kiddos write Santa a Letter. Tell Santa their name, whether they were naughty or nice, and their wish list for Christmas!

There are two pages of Christmas Tags. Use the tags to wrap your presents to help dress up your packages this holiday season.

christmas planner


Free Printable Christmas Planner

Simply download and hit print to get started planning your perfect holiday season.

christmas planner

It’s that time of year! Enjoy a little less stress this holiday season. Be sure to download your 25-page free Christmas Planner today to get started.

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