Want a professional looking carpet cleaning? Have loveable fur pets who love to track dirt onto your beautiful light colored carpets? Learn about my top two best carpet cleaners to remove dog stains. 


A little over a year ago my husband and I had been discussing adopting a dog. I’ve always wanted a dog but wasn’t allowed one growing up due to my neat freak mother (love yea mom). 

My husband was off on a business trip in Singapore and so I started searching craigslist for my favorite dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer, (GSP) they are such gorgeous dogs. Then I happened to come across a listing for 2 GSP’s who were father and son how perfect is that?!

That coming weekend I had to pick my husband up at the airport and the man selling the dogs lived about an hours drive north of the airport. I thought how perfect is this I’ll surprise my husband with two adopted GSP’s when I pick him up from the airport. 

Well, first of all, it was a craigslisting so I figured I shouldn’t go alone so I invited my bf to come along with me she is a fellow dog lover. 

We got the dog park and the dogs were full of energy and so beautiful. I wanted them so bad that I looked over the fact that they were the best at following their owner’s commands. 🙂 Did I mention how beautiful they were?

best carpet cleaners to remove dog stains

After about 30 minutes of meet and greet, I had 2 dogs in the back of my jeep and my frie

nd and I were headed to the airport. 

We were about 2 hours ahead of schedule so we stopped near the airport at a Petco to buy the boys some treats. It was then that the jeep decided to start overheating and smoking. My friend and I calmly…okay maybe not calmly grabbed the 2 dogs, who were freaking out at this point, out of the car. Some fellow shoppers tried to help but no one really knew what was wrong with the jeep so my friend called her mom who lived about 2 hours away to come get us. 

It wasn’t long after she arrived that my husband called. We all piled into my friend’s mom’s truck along with the dogs. I was about to surprise my husband after a 21-hour trip home from Singapore that not only had I adopted 2 dogs but that my jeep overheated and we now get to wait another two hours for a tow truck to arrive and drive home with my friend and her mom. 

To say the least, he was surprised! After another 2-hour drive home we back it back home safely with my jeep towed closely behind.

Even though my surprise didn’t go as planned we now have one amazing adoption story.

As much as we have fallen in love with our 2 boys Gunner now 8 and Trigger now 5 they still find a way to bring dirt into my front room that is fully carpeted in a light cream color. I’ve been on a mission ever since to find the best carpet cleaners to remove dog stains.

Here are the best carpet cleaners to remove dog stains with ease. 


best carpet cleaners to remove dog stains

The Before Photos

best carpet cleaners to remove dog stains

2 Best Carpet Cleaners to Remove Dog Stains

1. Deep Clean Carpet Cleaner

The Rug Doctor is a small deep cleaner that you can rent at many of your local grocery or hardware stores for 24 hours in exchange for a small rental fee plus cleaner purchase. Or if you fall in love you could always buy your own machine. I buy my cleaner in the larger size and use it for more than one cleaning. So I don’t need to buy more cleaner every time I rent the machine. I also buy the cleaner that is for dogs. 


removes all stains

leaves carpet looking brand new

much cheaper than hiring a professional 

comes with optional attachments to clean furniture or stairwells

can use it to clean rugs as well


have to remove all the furniture in the room

leaves carpet wet for a few hours and can’t walk on it

have to change out the water frequently during a cleaning

TIPS: Rent the larger machine if there is the option for a few bucks more this will save you from having to make so many trips to and from the sink to change out the water.

Even though this product does come with some cons they are only temporary and the results will blow you away and completely outweigh the cons.

best carpet cleaners to remove dog stains

2. Spot Carpet Cleaner

When I met my husband he introduced me to this carpet cleaner it is seriously amazing! We spilled red wine on a cream rug once and this stuff removed the stain.

Simply spray the spot area, scratch the area really good with your fingers, then use a paper towel and press it down over the spot to lift out the dirt onto the paper towel. The dirt transfers onto the towel it’s like magic. 

I love to use this product in between the times when I use the deep cleaning Rug Doctor for any spots that happen in between my big cleanings. I rent the machine about every 6 months. If we’re having a big holiday or party I might end up renting it every 3 months instead.


Best Carpet Cleaners to Remove Dog Stains

best carpet cleaners to remove dog stains

Make your carpet and rugs shine today with one of these carpet cleaners.

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