Do your kids ever complain that they are bored over the holidays with being stuck inside all the time? Or want a fun and interactive game to play with your nieces and nephews on Christmas Day? Kids love scavenger hunts. Why not send them on a candy cane scavenger hunt this holiday?


Currently, we don’t have any kiddos of our own unless you count our two German Shorthaired Pointers or our two pygmy goats.

On my husband’s side, we have one niece and eight adults at most family holidays. I thought my niece might love a candy cane scavenger hunt where she can be a kid and not just have to sit there and listen to adults talk all night long. 

candy cane scavenger hunt


Candy Cane(s) (depending on the number of players)

Scanger Hunt Cards (see below to download)


Tape or String (to place cards around the house)

Laminator (optional)

Envelopes (optional)

Bows (optional)


Step 1: Print out Candy Cane Scavenger Hunt Cards

There are two different designs to choose from. Print out your favorite design. 

candy cane scavenger hunt

Step 2: Cut out Cards

Cut out the cards. Laminate if you wish to use them more than once to increase their durability.

candy cane scavenger hunt

candy cane scavenger hunt

Step 3: Place Cards Around the House

Place the cards in envelopes if you wish or just place the cards around the house. Be sure to follow the directions so you place the cards in the appropriate locations for the game to run smoothly. Use tape or string to secure the card or envelopes in the appropriate locations.

candy cane scavenger hunt

Step 4: Place Candy Cane at Final Location

Place the number of candy canes needed at the final location based on how many people are playing. One candy cane per child. Or more than one if you want to become their favorite aunt or uncle. 

candy cane scavenger hunt

Candy Cane Scavenger Hunt

candy cane scavenger hunt

Get into the holiday spirit with a fun and interactive candy can scavenger hunt to add a twist to your holiday fun.

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