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January 2018

Bathroom, House Decor January 28, 2018

Selecting the Perfect Master Bath Paint Color

Your master bath plays a major role in being your own private retreat when it’s time to relax and recharge from a long days work. With your paint color having the power to promote relaxation don’t let your master bath paint color selection be an afterthought.

Find the perfect master bath paint color to create your perfect private oasis.

DIY, Lifestyle, Wedding January 14, 2018

17 Ways to Save Money on a Summer Wedding

With the average cost of a wedding rising it’s not uncommon for brides to look for ways to trim the budget without having to sacrifice the important things, such as hosting a great party, having fun, and enjoying some amazing food.

Want to have the special day you’ve always dreamed of and not go broke?

Here are 17 tips and tricks to save you money on your special day.