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August 2017

Dinner, Healthy, Recipes August 28, 2017

13 Healthy Make Ahead Camping Recipes

Are you getting ready for Labor Day activities and fun? Are you getting ready to go camping or should I say “glamping”? Do you still want to eat healthy while camping?

Here are 13 healthy recipes that you can prepare ahead of time to make your camping experience that much easier and to give you more time to enjoy with your family and friends.

DIY, Laundry Room August 8, 2017

The Perfect DIY Laundry Folding Table

No more clothes trailing behind you on the floor as carrying the load of clean clothes from the dryer to the bedroom.

Save yourself a step and fold the clothes straight from the dryer.

A laundry folding table is a great use of the area over your washer and dryer. Not only does it turn your laundry room into a sanctuary of rustic eye catching beauty, but it adds function as well.